Offerings and MMDC Collection

John Kofi Asmah School, West Point, Liberia -- Laity Session -- $4,942.73

Laity from the Illinois Great Rivers Conference raised funds to construct the John Kofi Asmah School, located in the West Point section of Monrovia, Liberia.

This year's offering will be to provide funding for furnishing the school.

Africa University Making Dreams Possible Scholarship Campaign -- Wednesday night

First offering -- $52,464.29

Second offering -- $20,213.88 (offering and pledges)

Left to reach $1 million: $41,000

The 2013 Annual Conference approved a $1 million campaign to raise $1 million to endow eight scholarships for Africa University students.  Currently, the IGRC is funding four scholarships -- two endowed and two non-endowed.  When the campaign is completed, the two non-endowed scholarships will be endowed along with eight additional scholarships for a total of 12 endowed scholarships.  In deference to finishing the Imagine No Malaria campaign commitment, the Africa University Committee has delayed starting its campaign until the fall 2014. This offering, combined with the pledges from IGRC churches delivered to Annual Conference by district superintendents, will allow the campaign to continue toward its goal's completion in 2016.

Ordinands’ Holy Land Pilgrimage -- Friday night -- $5,937.82

Each spring, Bishop Keaton sponsors a pilgrimage to the Holy Land for the class of newly-ordained clergy from the conference.  By having a grounding in the Scripture by walking where Jesus walked, pastors are nurtured early in their ministry which has a direct impact for the rest of their lives. These funds will help offset part of the $3,200 cost for the 10-day trip for each ordinand.

Tom Brown Scholarship, Wiley College -- Saturday morning -- $7,163.64

The Tom Brown Scholarship is one which assists a student of Wiley College, one of the 11 historical Black Colleges. Beginning in 1987, the former Central Illinois conference, named a scholarship in memory of the Rev. Tom Brown, a long-time supporter of the Marshall, Texas-based school.  Rev. Brown was often the one who stood at the microphone after the presentation by the visiting Black College intern and would move that the annual conference session take up a special offering for Wiley College.  Rev. Brown’s daughter, Sharon Brown, is the director of Kumler Outreach Ministries in Springfield.

MMDC Collections at Annual Conference -- 3,419 pounds of supplies which almost filled the MMDC van and 12 foot trailer and $5,678.00 monetarily for kits and supplies.

Attendees to 2016 Annual Conference are urged to have their congregations collect items for the Midwest Mission Distribution Center. A truck will be located at the Peoria Civic Center to accept those donations during the Annual Conference.
The Midwest Mission Distribution Center is seeking any or all supplies for the following kits:
Personal Dignity Kit
School Kit
* hand towel
* wash cloth
* comb
* nail clippers
* toothbrush
* shampoo w/ conditioner
* deodorant
* bar soap
* razor- individually wrapped
* toothpaste-2.5 oz or larger
* 3 spiral, 1 subject notebooks (8" x 10 1/2")
* 3 pens (blue or black)
* 3 unsharpened pencils
* 1 pencil sharpener
* 1 pencil eraser-2" or larger
* 1 ruler 12" long with metric
* 1 protractor 6" long with metric
* 1 box of 24 crayons
* 1 pair of round tip scissors (no plastic scissors)

Those wishing to help with the cost of shipping and/or the purchase of supplies in bulk can make their checks payable to MMDC and bring them with them or mail them to:
PO Box 56
Chatham, IL 62629