Legislative Votes

Legislation Title Action Taken
Legislative Item 101 Organizational Motions Approved by hand vote
Legislative Item 102 Bar of the Clergy Session Approved by hand vote
Legislative Item 103 Bar of the Laity Session Approved by hand vote
Legislative Item 104 2017 Budget -- CCFA Approved 643-7
Legislative Item 105 Conference Board of Pensions Approved 733-6
Legislative Item 106 SR II.C. Amendments to Rules and Policies (2/3 vote) Approved 683-29
Legislative Item 107 Policies of the Standing Rules Committee Approved 710-29
Legislative Item 108 Amend Policies of the IGRC Personnel Committee Approved 705-21
Legislative Item 109 Amend PASBF Articles of Incorporation Approved 801-11
Legislative Item 110 Election of IGRC Chancellor, 2017-2020 Approved 720-26
Legislative Item 111 Discontinuation of Good Shepherd UMC Approved 724-21
Legislative Item 112 Discontinuation of Hallidayboro UMC Approved 730-29
Legislative Item 113 Discontinuation of Springfield Northside UMC Approved 719-43
Legislative Item 114 Discontinuation of Stockland UMC Approved 715-39
Legislative Item 115 Discontinuation of Thawville UMC Approved 743-41
Legislative Item 116 Chaddock Covenant Approved 728-11
Legislative Item 117 Wesley Village Covenant Approved 722-12
Legislative Item 118 Deaf and Hard of Hearing Sunday Referred back to the committee 435-291
Legislative Item 119 Follow Up on 2015 Act of Repentance

Stewart Amendment #1 Approved by Hand Vote

Stewart Amendment #2

Ruled Out of Order

Approved as Amended 655-106

Legislative Item 120 Our Conference, Our Kids

Griffith Amendment Approved 605-40

Approved as Amended 699-40

Legislative Item 121 Policies of the Young Adult Council Approved 733-17
Legislative Item 122 Policies of the Commission on Equitable Compensation Approved 704-26
Legislative Item 123 Commission on Equitable Compensation Approved 609-104
Legislative Item 124 Election of Treasurer/Director of Administrative Services Approved 716-50
Legislative Item 201 Vegan Option for Annual Conference Meals

Amendment Approved 665-76

Defeated as Amended 167-571

Legislative Item 202 Protecting Illinois Bobcats Defeated 122-622
Report 301 Advance Specials Approved 717-24
Report 302 IGRC Treasurer's Report Received on Hand Vote
Report 303 IGRC Board of Trustees Report Received on Hand Vote
Report 304 Preachers' Aid Society and Benefit Fund Report Received on Hand Vote
Report 305 United Methodist Foundation Report Received
Report 306 Commission on Camping and Retreat Ministries Report Received 748-41
Report 307 Committee on Nominations Report Approved 634-8