Alternative Advanced Courses

Each Annual Conference may approve additional classes for its own use. Alternative Advanced Courses fit these guidelines: 

  • The subject is in line with courses currently in the Lay Servant Ministries catalog. 
  • The content fits the theme of leading, caring, and communicating.
  • The course will benefit the lay servant for use in the local church.
  • The course must provide at least 10 hours of instruction.
  • The course is participatory and led by a facilitator qualified in the subject. 

Please note--To receive credit for an Alternative Advanced Course, you MUST:

  1. Contact your District Director(s) of Lay Servant Ministries PRIOR to attending the event for approval and to obtain the required Alternative Advanced Course Form. 
  2. Take the form to the event and obtain the instructor's signature at the end of the course.
  3. Upon completion of the course and your portion of the form, return the completed form to your District Director to receive credit.

NOTE:  An alternative advanced course may only be used every other time for continuing education credit.  Not every course offered in the Conference will count as an alternative advanced course, which is why prior permission is necessary.

Prior permission is NOT required to take a regular Advanced Course outside of your home District.


Opportunity #1

Title:  Walking with Jesus in the Wesleyan Spirit
Dates:  Sept. 23-24, 2016; Nov. 12, 2016; Jan. 21, 2017; and Apr. 22, 2017 (all four sessions required)  


Other Opportunities

Course of Study Extension School Modules
Lay Servants may audit any of the Weekend Part-time Local Pastor Course of Study (Extension School) modules held at the United Methodist Center.  For more information go to the Extension School web site at  and contact Director,
Rev. Kenneth Hutchens  or by phone at  217-390-1566.

You will also need to contact your District Director of Lay Servant Ministries for approval and required attendance form (a link to their e-mail address can be found on the main Lay Servant Ministries page).

Please note--this option requires a larger time and financial commitment than traditional Lay Servant Ministries courses.