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The Illinois Great Rivers Conference camping program is an extension of the local church’s disciple-making process. Its mission is to provide settings where campers can have a concentrated period of time to focus upon their relationship with God. Camping partners with local churches in that the church is responsible for nurturing and helping persons grow in their faith. A good camp program is focused on creating a caring and affirming community where campers learn the fine art of living at their best. Illinois Great Rivers Camps provide an environment in which to explore God's creative genius, the leisure to discover one's self, a community of fun and faith in which to develop a genuine awareness of others, and the opportunity to foster a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Illinois Great Rivers Conference camping program is carried out at three campsites, two of which are owned by the conference – East Bay and Little Grassy. Camps are also offered at Beulah Camp through a lease agreement with the Beulah Holiness Camp Association.


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