Hospitality House Coordinator


Kumler United Methodist Church in Springfield is seeking a Coordinator of Hospitality House for Tuesday nights.  Hospitality House is a community meal and fellowship which meets on a weekly basis every Tuesday night at Kumler. While several community churches help host the meal and fellowship the Hospitality House Coordinator is responsible for organizing the entire ministry.  

*responsibility of program each Tuesday
 *present from 4:30-6:45
 *5:00-6:45 leading the events of the evening
 *responding to conflict between guests who attend and diffusing situations
 *creating a relationship with guests
 *overseeing and directing volunteers

*Maintaining the Vision of the Program
 *communicating the vision to volunteers and host churches
 *making sure the vision of the program is meet in the details of the program
 *updating churches and supporters of program activities and successes

*Management of Volunteers
 *incorporating and training new volunteers
 *maintaining communication with volunteers
 *helping ensure that the volunteer experience is a discipleship experience 

*Facilitating "Host Churches"
 *Maintaining contact and communication with a representative of each congregation 
 *ensuring that a congregation is responsible for food on a weekly basis
 *leading a quarterly meeting of host churches to cast a vision and discuss issues

*Weekly preparation for each Tuesday
 *ensuring volunteer coverage for the week
 *other tasks as needed 

Please mail or mail an application and resume to
Sharon Brown, Director of Kumler Outreach Ministries 
303 N Grand Ave E 
Springfield IL 62702         

Application to include with resume can be found on this page, form entitled Kumler Application  

Church: Springfield Kumler UMC