Activities-Team Course-Water Fund

Our beach and pool are our greatest attractions! Click here to see more!

Our team/challenge course is a great way to build community! Click here to see more!

Ever played 4 square? Try 9 square in the air! Same fun game but in the air with 9 of your newest friends!

Archery is back at East Bay Camp. Come try our new archery range!

Carpet ball is one of the best games of skill at camp. Step in line to try your shot!

Hey have you been out back lately? Hay rides out to the back woods, deer, and pond at just a call away!

Volleyball is a wonderful game. Every played it with beach towels and water balloons?

Don't forget to grill out often, but most of all at night. Toasty, melted, and crunchy fun is always a big hit!

GaGa Pit or Israeli dodge ball is such a blast! Just remember don't let the dodge ball hit your feet.

East Bay Canteen or Camp Store is available for all guest groups. Cold treats, shirts, stuff animals and more!