Teams Course

Deep in the woods is located our new teams course where your group will learn to use creative problem-solving skills, collaboration, and strategies for overcoming communication difficulties in order to solve some interesting dilemmas. Using cables, ropes and wooden beams strung among trees or poles, teams explore risk taking, leadership, communication and support /safety for each other. Our elements are located no higher than 12 feet above the ground so the perceived risk is low, but remains challenging to complete. Participants walk tightropes, cross bridges, negotiate obstacles, climb walls, and pass teammates through a giant web. Participants gradually expand their comfort zones and recognize fears that may block personal and prefessional achievement. Each challenge calls upon team members to actively support each other.

Discussions following each challenge and will differ in length and depth deping upon the group's goals for the day. Most groups take time to connect the outcomes and dynamics back to their everyday environment. Our philosophy enables every participant to experience their own success in the context of their own aspirations. The program can be tailored to your specific needs. Running the complete course will take approximately 4 hours.

Please contact the office to discuss times and objectives.