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5 Star Churches

Congratulations to the following churches that made 5 Star in 2016 -

  Arcola                     Bellflower                     Champaign First              Crescent City 

 Hoopeston               Tuscola                        Villa Grove                       Weedman




Please remember these people in your prayers:

  • Rev Ed Davis (Mansfield) - health issues
  • Rev Ted Mitchell (Tuscola) - health issues
  • Pastor Jan Reeder (Danville Farmers Chapel) - health issues
  • Rev Kevin Nourie (Donovan/Crescent City) - health issues
  • Rev Dennis Divan (retired) - health issues
  • Connie Tennyson, wife of Rev John Tennyson (Gibson City) - health issues
  • Rev. Bob Hackl (Retired) - health issues
  • Rev. Jim Till (retired) - health issues