IRD Lay Servant Ministry

Lay Servant Ministry is a learning and service ministry system that is supported and directed within the annual conference.  In addition to pulpit supply there are many other service opportunities that lay servants can avail themselves.  Some examples are: teach Sunday School, lead Disciple Bible study groups, chair church committees, and lead worship services.  The possibilities are unlimited. 


 Local Church Lay Servant -

  • Potential lay servants are identified and recommended by their pastors and the congregation. 
  • The candidate then attends a basic lay servant course.  The class includes a study of what it means to be God's called people.  In addition to learning the various aspects of preaching it also provides for learning opportunities in leading, caring, and communicating.  The basic course is a total of 15 hours.  After completion of the basic course the candidate is now ready to serve in their local church and has the title of "Local Lay Servant" and serves primarily in their local church. 
  • To maintain status, a report and reapplication must be submitted annually and a refresher course must be completed once every three years.

 Certified Lay Servant -

 The next step in the lay speaking ministry is Certified Lay Servant.

  • To become a certified lay servant the person must attend an advanced course.  The advanced course provides for more intensive skill building in several areas.  After completion of the advanced course the lay servant becomes a "Certified Lay Servant".  The number of hours of classroom study for the advanced course is ten.
  • To maintain status, a report and reapplication must be submitted annually and a refresher course must be completed once every three years.


Local Lay Servant Classes –

Information will be posted as it becomes available.


Advanced Lay Servant Classes

2016 Fall Advanced Lay Servant Ministry Classes

Saturday, Oct 29, 2016


Mahomet UMC

The district will be offering 2 Advanced courses – “Living Our Beliefs: The United Methodist Way" (UM Heritage) and  “Life Together in the United Methodist Connection" (UM Polity).  These classes will be held at the Mahomet UMC, 1302 E South Mahomet Rd, Mahomet 61853.  Registration deadline is Saturday, Oct 15.  Click on the links below to download a Course Description Sheet or to register. 

Course Description

On-line Registration