2017 LRD Calendar



June 8-10         Annual Conference

June 20-22       Rev. Rorex at Cabinet



July 17-Aug 12Clergy Consultations

July 29             Installation Service for Rev. Nicholas Showalter, Pittsfield UMC 3:00p.m.




Aug 9              9:30-12:00 Charge Conference forms online training at Pittsfield UMC

(All Pastors, Admins and those filling out charge conference forms are strongly encouraged to attend this training.)

Aug 9              District Care Guide meeting at Pittsfield UMC 12:00-3:00p.m.

Aug 13 – 18    Rev. Showalter at extended Cabinet Retreat

Aug 20-26       Rev. Showalter at Training



Sept 2-4           Rev. Showalter out of town

Sept 5-6           Rev. Showalter at Cabinet

Sept 10            Clergy Family Welcoming Event at Wesley Chapel

Sept 18            Theological Education/Formation in the 21st Century at Winchester UMC (more info to follow)

Sept 30-Oct 1  Rev. Showalter out of town




Oct 3-5            Rev. Showalter at Cabinet

Oct 28             DS Committee meeting at district office 10:00a.m. – 1:00p.m.



Nov 4              DCOM at Griggsville11:00a.m. – 2:00p.m.

Nov 14-15       Rev. Showalter at Cabinet

Nov 23-27       District Office closed for holiday



Dec 1               Clergy Family Christmas Party

Dec 5-7           Rev. Showalter at Cabinet

Dec 21-Jan 2   District Office closed for Holiday