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Mission and Purpose

Our mission is to make disciples for Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world by promoting and supporting the spiritual and emotional health of the IGRC clergy and their families by promoting and supporting holistic health among our clergy (retired or not) and families.

By attending to our physical, mental, and spiritual selves (holistic health) we are able to improve our experience of life. If we get busy or preoccupied and forget (or sometimes choose) to oversee the constantly changing in any of these areas, the other areas suffer.

Like a garden, without attentive maintenance, our mental, emotional, and psychological health can suffer and result in mental weeds that can grow out of control and affect your experience of life before you know it. Thankfully, we can both remove these mental weeds and prevent them.

This emphasis on holistic health is part of the Wesleyan tradition: concern for the wellbeing of the whole person, an essential element of holiness.

Resources: While intervention and restoration is sometime necessary, prevention is much more effective, efficient, and enjoyable. In the interest of prevention, intervention, and restoration, Pastoral Care and Counseling has many resources available for you including the CAP through Chestnut, increasing resources available on our website (in process), our closed IGRC Pastoral Care & Counseling Facebook group, and most recently Pinterest.

Mission: Pastoral Care and Counseling, under the mandate of the Illinois Great Rivers Annual Conference, seeks to establish effective ministries of care and counseling for pastors and their families, to nurture the potential for wellness in our pastors, and to assist pastors and their families as they cope and adjust to the realities of ministry.

PCC areas of responsibility include counseling, pastoral care, proactive education, and connection to other groups in the conference dedicated to the well being of clergy.

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Clergy Assistance Program

Pastoral Care and Counseling offers counseling services to pastors and their families through Chestnut Health Services.

Because we are aware of the hardships inherent in the ministry, PCC strives to make counseling services available to anyone who seeks them. Through the Clergy Assistance Program (CAP), appointed clergy and their families are welcome (and covered!) to engage in a variety of services.

Visit our Counseling Services page to:

  • learn more about the CAP
  • how you can access their many online resources
  • how to get in touch with a counselor


Shauna SummersShauna Summers is a Licensed Professional Counselor with Master's degrees in both Developmental Psychology (ISU) and Clinical Mental Health Counseling (Bradley University). In addition to being our Coordinator she also teaches psychology courses at Heartland Community College and counsels referred clients. She and her daughter are members of Dayspring Native American UMC and enjoy being a part of this church family.

"I am especially passionate about supporting people in living a joyful life. I like to do this by helping make people aware of available resources, developing and coordinating programs that meet people's needs, and being available to clergy and their families for questions. I am interested in coordinating services and resources (presentations, workshops, perhaps retreats) and working with other groups within the Conference to best support clergy as well as their families."

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