Frequently Asked Questions about CAP

1. What is the Clergy Assistance Program?
The IGRC Pastoral Care and Counseling Board has entered into a partnership with Chestnut Global Partners to create this state-wide network of support for our clergy and families.  Chestnut has developed a broad network of counselors and other professionals so that any of our clergy and families that need support will have services easily available.  Our Clergy Assistance Program, or CAP, is a customized version of an EAP (Employee Assistance Program) designed to help our clergy and families.

2. Who is Chestnut Global Partners?
Chestnut Global Partners is a nonprofit corporation started by United Methodist minister Russ Hagen.  Chestnut has expanded over the years to provide mental health and other professional support services for many corporations and nonprofit organizations throughout Illinois and beyond.  Some of their clients include Caterpillar, ADM, Habitat for Humanity and several hospital systems such as OSF in Peoria and Memorial in Springfield.

3. Who is eligible to participate in CAP?
All IGRC pastors, licensed and ordained, are part of CAP. Full and part-time local pastors are included in CAP.  This includes retired as well as active clergy and their families (spouses and dependent children under the age of 26).  The Preacher’s Aid Society has made it possible to include retirees in this program. Supply pastors are not included at this time due to some technical reasons. 
4. How can I access CAP?
Easy.  Follow the simple steps on the brochure (you can access it here).  You can call our special CAP toll free number.  A specially trained person will answer the phone and offer support and assistance.  This person will help you access the services that will be most helpful to you.  If you would prefer, you can also inquire by using the email address listed on the brochure.  You do not need a diagnosis, authorization, or justification for calling. All you need is a willingness to explore utilizing the services offered.

5. How confidential are these services? What will the PCC or the Conference know?
Chestnut Global Partners follows strict confidentiality and HIPAA guidelines. There is no communication of private information from Chestnut to the IGRC.  Chestnut will give the PCC Board a generic report of numbers of persons utilizing services but no names, identifying information or notes will be shared.

6. Do I have to go through CAP or Chestnut to seek counseling?
No.  You can continue to use your health insurance to seek counseling or pay out-of-pocket. If you wish to go through CAP for the 6 free sessions and you have a counselor in mind that you wish to use, you can call Chestnut and ask if you can be referred to that name.  If that counselor is not currently part of the Chestnut network, they can be invited to join Chestnut.

7. Will PCC continue to reimburse counselors for 3 co-pays at $20 for counseling services?
The Pastoral Care and Counseling Board will no longer reimburse counselors for 3 sessions of co-pay.  Clergy and their families can now go through CAP to get 6 sessions of counseling at no cost. 

8. What happened to our IGRC ordained clergy who are counselors? 
All of them that have been in relationship with the Pastoral Care and Counseling Board of the IGRC have been invited to join the Chestnut network and participate in CAP.  Some of them were already part of Chestnut.  These counselors can be accessed through CAP.

9. Does CAP replace the Director of Pastoral Care and Counseling?
The IGRC has hired Shauna Summers to continue to work for the support and health of all of our clergy and families.  CAP will be an important part of our services but will only be one part of what we hope to accomplish. 

10. Who do I call if I have questions?
You can call Chestnut directly at 1-800-433-7916.