Senior High YAR speaker and music

Speaker: Christopher Ames

Christopher AmesChristopher Ames combines a dynamic vocal with excelled proficiency on both the acoustic and electric guitar. Combined with a storytelling approach, Christopher Ames provides entertaining music for people of all ages and faiths. The versatility of this artist as a musician, a performer and a speaker enlightens audiences from youth to adult.

Chris uses his music to get to the heart of our faith and to tell the story of his journey thus far. He's a simple guy. An down to earth guy. A loving husband. A dad... But when he's performing the music that comes from the depths of his soul... you feel like he's your best friend too! Previously compared to artists such as John Denver, Steven Curtis Chapman and John Mellencamp, Christopher Ames has earned a place not only as an award winning musician, but also as one with a compassionate, and grace-filled heart.

With more than 20 years'experience as a full-time musician, Chris has been cutting through the issues that can divide and distract us. Whether we come as a prodigal, a seeker, or with the faith of a child… his music will call us to consider that there is always light to get us through our weakest moments.

Christopher Ames’ ministry continues to inspire others through his ongoing presentations from the stage. His current YOUTH Workshop titled STAND UP, SPEAK OUT, REPRESENT!, empowers teens and young adults to live a life that makes a difference for God’s kingdom. Christopher Ames shows a great example of this message as a performer, but also in his personal testimony where he is an advocate for Eating Disorder Awareness- which has been an ongoing struggle in his own family. Nonetheless, he remains focused on his vocation, his family, and his faith. Christopher also serves as the Worship Music Director for a church based in the Syracuse area.

Worship Leader: Scott England

Scott EnglandWhile Atlanta-based recording artist Scott England has been creating music and leading worship in and out of the country for more than a decade, he will be the first to tell you that the act of worshiping God is about much more than the music that he or anyone else creates — it is an entire manor of life.

England’s ministry has always cast a broad net when it comes to aiding in people’s life-long journey with Christ. For him, it has meant glorifying God though music, missions, and by edifying people in one on one times of mentorship. These are just a few various outlets England continues to model promoting a lifestyle of worship.

“The Bible urges us in Romans chapter 12 to take our everyday life - our sleeping, eating, going to work, and walking around life - and place it before God as an offering, putting His agenda before our own. THIS is our spiritual act of WORSHIP. Although worship through music is an obvious passion for any Christian musician and many believers, it’s important that we make an intentional effort not to devalue WORSHIP to merely a song, or that thing we do when gathered with believers in a building (church) on that specific day of the week.“

That said, England continually pours everything he has into his music to aid listeners in their own pursuits to live a life of worship. Most recently, he released SANCTUARY , an ambient worship album that was created to serve as a soundtrack to time spent alone with God. This album takes the idea of corporate worship music and turns it on its head. Less sing-along and more background, SANCTUARY sets up an environment to experience the Lord on a deeper, more personal level.

His other two albums, the self-titled Scott England EP (2007) and [LIV] (2009) show his ability to mix rock, R & B and acoustic singer/songwriter moments seamlessly to create worship music that stands alone in a sometimes overcrowded worship music scene. Perfect examples of England’s unique style are I Need You and Teach Me to Pray, which take a humble approach lyrically, juxtaposed with powerful music that jumps out of the speakers.

And while each album may be primarily worship driven, each features other, more introspective songs. When I’m Alone chronicles discovering a closeness with our creator while hundreds of miles from the people he loves. The piano ballad, Missing You, is a heartfelt balled written for his wife of more than 10 years.

In 2008, England had the honor of having his song Love Offering selected for Top 20 Indie Worship, an album featuring artists chosen by a panel of music-industry experts based on song quality, artist exposure and web traffic, among other criteria.

Years of writing and performing his own music (In 2012 alone, he performed more than 150 dates) has helped England create a rock solid live music experience that encourages and inspires the listener. However, England genuinely cares about people off-stage as well. It is a common thing to find him in conversation with those who were in attendance at one of his performances long after the last note of the set has been played.