Our 2011 Camp Limberlost Counselors and Deans:  what a very special group of individuals who came together to develop, plan and conduct a wonderful program for a group of very deserving and precious children.


All during the time at camp our Dean Amy kept a watchful eye over the counselors and campers.



 After the first couple of days the counselors had to sing for their meals


What a joy to watch these young adults break thru their barriers and actually engage the E-free youth in song!!!



 Out in the woods the counselors started as a group of individuals and became a team as they worked together to solve problems and learn about each others strengths and needs






From one of the smallest to one of the largest everyone worked together to plan how to pass each through the web.




Much to the shock and surprise of everyone, one counselor had to show off his mighty strength and agility by sending a counselor "superman style" through the net.  Football players, what can I say?




But they learned to trust each other and risk that they would not be let down by the rest of the team. 


On a personal note, I must bring forth being in my personal opinion the most important item which needs mentioned is that "we did not drop Ken in 2011!!!!"