20 Hours Now: Spoon River Mini-Retreat

Everybody has a story, and every story matters


*April 27, 2018 7:00 p.m. to April 28, 2018 2:00 p.m.*

Cost:  $20.00 per person (adult chaperone and youth)


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T.C. Boyd


TC Boyd, aka RisN, is a multi-talented musician, artist, poet, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur. He captivates his audiences with his style and charismatic personality. It is his mission to inspire people towards greatness in life trough his art. His faith in Christ is the foundation for all that he does. Follow his work at iamrisn.com.


 Aubrey Barnes

Aubrey Kendall Barnes, also known as “Aubs.” is many things, but is widely known as a poet, emcee, author and speaker. Aubrey’s passion is art that speaks to the heart and soul of every person who is willing to listen. He is the author of “Unfin-”, a work of poetry and memoir. It is available at Amazon.

For more information about Camp Milan check out their website here.
Camp Milan's address: 1328 127th Ave., Milan, IL.


Retreat Schedule

(subject to change)


6-7                 Arrive/Register/Unpack

7-9                 Worship with TC and Aubrey

9-9:30            Pizza party

9:30-10:00     Small groups

10:00-11        Whole-group games

11-12              Free time

12:00               Lights out



8:30                 Breakfast

9:00                 Workshop 1

10:00               Workshop 2

11:00               Workshop 3

12:00               Lunch

12:30               Sharing

1:00                 Closing Worship/Communion

2:00                 Pack up and head home