Dining Options

There will be NO buffet meals offered onsite this year. Concession stands will be available at the Peoria Civic Center.  ALL concession transactions are cashless so please be prepared. 

Downtown Dining Map 

Civic Center Concession List

Dining guide offered by Church & Society, Religion & Race and COSROW

Instead of planning a meal at Annual Conference this year, the chairs of the IGRC Church & Society, Commission on Religion & Race, and the Commission on the Status and Role of Women have published a list of local restaurants for your consideration. You may download the list at: https://qrco.de/bcyK1I. The address, approximate travel time, cuisine, hours, website, and whether the restaurant is owned by persons that Black, indigenous, people of color or women. Please consider putting your dollars to work in the community by choosing local establishments rather than national chains during your time in Peoria. Donations to local charities working on racial, climate, and gender justice will be made from each of the committees in lieu of hosting a speaker this year. If you have any questions, please reach out to Christina Krost at christina.krost@gmail.com.