Two-Year Rotation of Classes

The Course of Study Extension School for Part-Time Local Pastors operates on a two-year rotation of coursework. Listed below are the course titles that are offered for each respective term.

Spring Odd-Numbered Years

123      Formation and Discipleship

223      Worship and Sacraments

322      Theological Heritage III: Medieval and Reformation

122      Theological Heritage I: Introduction

524      Theological Reflection: Practice of Ministry

Fall Odd-Numbered Years

121      Bible I: Introduction

421      Bible IV: Prophets, Psalms, & Wisdom Lit.

521      Bible V: Acts, Epistles, & Revelation

522      Theology in the Contemporary Church

323      Congregational Care

324      Preaching

Spring Even-Numbered Years

422      Theological Heritage IV: Wesleyan Movement

121      Bible I: Introduction

224      Administration and Polity

523      Evangelism

424      Ethics

Fall Even-Numbered Years

221      Bible II: Torah & Israel’s History

321      Bible III: Gospels

122      Theological Heritage I: Introduction

124      Transformative Leadership

222      Theological Heritage II: Early Church

423      Mission