District Committee on Ministry

The District Committee on Ordained Ministry, along with the Conference Board of Ordained Ministry and the district superintendent, are responsible for preparing candidates for licensed and ordained ministry, as a deacon or elder or for service as a local pastor.  And they shall guide these persons in the process of education, training, and commissioning to specialized ministry or service as a local pastor.  The committee will encourage persons to enter the candidacy program, and shall maintain a list of all candidates under its care. 

Chair: Rev Pat Allin
Registrar: Rev John Cross, Rev Mary Brady
Secretary: Rev Gay King Crede

Certified Lay Minister

In order to enhance the quality of ministry to small membership churches, expand team ministry in churches and in deference to an expression of gifts and evidence of God's grace associated with the lay ministry of early Methodism, the certified lay minister is to be recognized and utilized. (taken from The 2008 Book of Discipline)

Modules for Certified Lay Minister Training

Contact the district office if you have registered for a Certified Lay Minister training event if you need one of the following modules for the class.  These documents are pdf files. 

Module 1: Call and Covenant                                               Module 3: Organization for Ministry                                    

Module 2: Practice of Ministry                                             Module 4: Connection for Ministry