Youth, confirmands experience of day of mission at Cunningham


"Thanks for hosting us. It was an awesome day!” –Judy Vidakovich

By Liz Jumper
Cunningham Children’s Home
URBANA -- A total of 76 guests from across the IGRC participated in Cunningham Children’s Home’s annual Mission Day for United Methodist youth March 26.
Mission Day invites youth groups and confirmation classes to experience a day of mission close to home by fostering a better understanding of the Cunningham mission and ministry.
Throughout the day, youth participated in therapeutic activities enjoyed by kids at Cunningham, such as therapeutic recreation, friendship classes, spiritual exercises, and an All-Star Pizza Party. During each activity, the youth learned more about the kids of Cunningham and the struggles they face and how their youth group can begin to make a difference. One group took a trip to Wal-Mart after their visit and brought back several bags of alarm clocks and body washes because they learned that that was what was needed.
Every group was also given the opportunity to put together a welcome basket for an incoming Cunningham child. One at a time each youth placed an item into the laundry basket base. The final item in the basket was the hand-made quilt that every child receives when they arrive at Cunningham. Everyone took hold of one side of the quilt until it was stretched before them in the center of a large circle. There, they prayed for the boy that would receive this basket. One girl prayed, “Dear God, Please be with the boy that receives this quilt. Help him to know that he is so loved by people he’s never met.”
Mission Day is a beautiful tradition that connects United Methodist youth to more than just the Cunningham story; it connects them to a much larger picture. Mission is everywhere, and by doing the little things that they can, they begin to make the world a better place.