Beardstown celebrates 175 years of ministry


Bishop Gregory V. Palmer preaching at the 175th Anniversary celebration in Beardstown

Beardstown First UMC celebrated its 175th anniversary of service to God and community throughout 2011. Before the completion of its building, Beardstown First UMC was used as emergency hospital during a cholera outbreak in the area. In what is now “Wesley Hall” there was a basketball court where the public high school used to play their games. There was also a projector booth for viewing movies. Since its inception, Beardstown FUMC has always been at the forefront of serving God and community.

The first worship service of 2011 set the tone for the entire year of celebration. Each month throughout the year a sermon was based upon one of John Wesley’s sermons. There was also a banner across the street proclaiming “175 Years of Service to God and Community”.
Bishop Palmer endured a chilly late September Sunday to lead the congregation in an outdoor worship service. The Bishop, as always, delivered a powerful and thought provoking sermon. Beardstown FUMC also presented Bishop Palmer with a check for $5,000.00 ear-marked for Imagine No Malaria.  There was a pot-luck dinner in November to celebrate the installation of a church bell in the bell tower. No one could remember what happened to the last bell but everyone was in agreement that a church bell tower should have a church bell.  
Photo courtesy of Robert Schoolcraft