Peoria Forrest Hill UMC goes green


We have done some significant cost cutting for our church in energy usage. Most churches have probably added CFLs in places, but we have gone beyond that. When our secretary enters her office and turns on the overhead lights she needs, she is now using 90 watts vs. the 720 she was using a few months ago. For me it is 60 vs 480. We recently had to purchase a new computer for the secretary and purchased one that used 25 % of the power that a normal computer would use. I found CFLs that we are not using in our sanctuary that allowed us to replace the 500 watt bulbs with 105 watt bulbs and we are getting more light. We are not only using less energy, we are saving money. The cost to our budget to do all these projects has been $ 0. Outside we have established a neighborhood garden which has been designated by the city of Peoria as a pilot plot for city gardens. And we have begun a project of changing parts of our land into native prairie plant plots. The outside reduces carbon emissions by reducing mowing and increases oxygen production for the environment by the native plants. I remember being told on finance committees when we would look at where to cut budgets that we had to pay the utility bills, so I thought I would challenge the assumption that utility bills could not be cut -- unless there was less usage of building for ministry