The Lads to kick off new Intergenerational Sunday school called W.I.S.E.


We had the most awesome experience at our church recently. We invited The Lads to kick off our new Intergenerational Sunday school called W.I.S.E. (Wesley Intergenerational Sunday Experience) and they were a huge hit.
Here are just some of the comments I received in the following days from all generations at my church. Those who are just a bit older than me said: “I enjoyed the Lads so very much!!!!” and another “I came downstairs after church to see The Lads and they were terrific. I got their CD and DVD, so my grandchildren can enjoy them.”  Others who are middle aged like me said: "TOO much fun at church today. Thanks for bringing the Lads!!!!” and even younger people enjoyed them and shared “Since Sunday I have wanted to email you, but the week is getting away from me. What a great day at church. Thank you for all your efforts in WISE. The Lads were awesome; we loved them and have been jamming the CD in the car every day. I personally was touched by their witness in church. They all seem like such great & fun guys, people you want to know and hang out with. I know I am looking forward to their return. I hope other people are talking about this and more importantly thanking you for your efforts”. 
We are now using the Lads curriculum for the next couple weeks and  the kids anxiously await more information about the Lads Band each week and may not even realize that they are learning about their parents, grandparents and Jesus in the process as well. In fact, the Lads present the gospel next week. The most common response the kids have for me is “when are The Lads coming back” and I’m glad to say that we have penciled them in for next year. It was a blast!