Delegate Information


    Marian McCray

    Personal Statement

    Member: Granite City Nameoki UMC
    UM member since 1988
    Relevant Leadership Roles: District Lay Leader, Mississippi River District; General Commission on Religion and Race, Board of Directors; IGRC Conflict Resolution Team; IGRC Cross-Cultural/Cross Racial Appointment Task Force; Bible Study Leader.
    Experience: Previously served as GC Delegate in 2000 and 2012; attended GC as NCJ-CORR Monitoring Coordinator in 2004 and 2008; served on numerous local church committees including SPRC and Worship.
    Gifts and Passions: Empathy, compassion, reaching and teaching, speaking/preaching, meeting people where they are and walking with them along their Christian journey,
    Personal Statement: Since becoming a member of The United Methodist Church, it has been my desire to be in partnership ministry with both clergy and lay as we followed in the path of Jesus Christ, making disciples in His name. Serving on various committees, at all levels of the church, and as Administrative Assistant in several churches has provided the opportunity to see where we have highly achieved our goals or where we have fallen short of them. As a partner with Christ and the church, I desire and strive to do all I can to help us draw our circle wide, open our doors, our hearts and our minds so that those who are not in the fold can be welcomed and included so all that God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit offer can be shared with them.