Delegate Information


    Steve Schonert

    Personal Statement

    Member: Olney First UMC
    UM Member since 1971
    Relevant Leadership Roles: 2012 Jurisdictional Delegate
    Experience: Partner and manager, CPA firm; member, bank board of directors; various local community groups & organizations.
    Gifts and Passions:  Administration, finance, mission; Walk to Emmaus
    Personal Statement: I am running as a delegate because I want to see my Church hold true to its conservative biblical principles that I was taught growing up in a small rural Southern Illinois church. My experience as a retired CPA, along with serving as the treasurer, chairperson of both the trustees and the administrative council of my present church and serving on IGRC’s CCFA and Congregational Development committees will help me with the many issues that will be brought before GC, such as restructuring the lines of authority, health care reform, pension funding, cost reductions, etc. But more importantly, I want to do all that I can to see that the Church not change its positions on marriage and human sexuality. I would hope and pray that we can stay united, but if another solution must be found to resolve our differences, then I will prayerfully consider the alternatives, whether it be replacement of regional jurisdictions with ideological jurisdictions or greater empowerment of conferences or churches. If these issues can be resolved, with God's help, we can return to a Church united in its mission to make disciples for Jesus Christ.