Delegate Information


    Carolyn Yockey

    Personal Statement

    Voting Code: 2017
    Member: Normal First UMC
    UM member since 1963
    Relevant Leadership Roles:  General Board of Church and Society; IGRC Secretary, Global Ministries; chair, Elections, 2016 JC; Board of Women's Division; UMW; board treasurer, Cunningham, Lessie Bates Davis Neighborhood House.
    Experience: Elected to GC and JC multiple times
    Gifts and Passions: Organization, collaboration, invitation, mission.
    Personal Statement: The UMC has been a strong leader in the United States and around the world. For some time, in the U.S., it had the largest Protestant membership and was able to focus on issues of the day, connecting with our leaders, counseling and guiding them to decisions for the betterment of our country and our people. The Church was a prophetic voice. We have lost that strength and sometimes act like we no longer have the ability to influence. I would like to see that strength return, our influence felt. General Conference is not the best structure to grow and enable; indeed it needs to change. However, it is the structure we have. We need to gather, pray, and ask God to guide us to be the strong enabling body we can be. We need to focus on unity, on the strength of doing what God asks us to do, to go where Jesus leads us. We should not be divided and focused on our divisiveness. With a focus on unity, we can be energized to serve our neighbors as God would have us do.