Secretary's letter

Greetings, Members of the Illinois Great Rivers Annual Conference:

Plans are now underway for our June 7-9, 2018, session of the Illinois Great Rivers Annual Conference at the Civic Center in Peoria, Illinois. This year, based on numerous responses, we have shortened the agenda in order to reduce the length by 1 day. Bishop Beard has set "Let's Get Fired Up" as the them and those working in preparation are prayerfully anticipating movement of The Holy Spirit in all that we do in our time together.

Please make note of the following items as you prepare to participate:

1. Please use the 2018 Annual Conference Checklist to guide you through the process of preparing and registering for annual conference. It lists the things you need to do, deadlines, how to get more information, and important web page links. If you do not want or are unable to use the internet and email as you prepare for annual conference, please phone Doug Stone at 217-529-3267, or write him at P.O. Box 19207, Springfield, IL, 62794 by Feb. 20 to get the materials mailed to you in paper form.

2. Pre-Conference Workbook: In early April all clergy and lay members of annual conference will receive by USPS a packet containing reports and resolutions to be acted upon in the annual conference session. This packet can also be found online in early April at:

3. Conference Agenda: The conference agenda will be published in the pre-conference materials. Address questions concerning the agenda to Thomas Logsdon, or 217-529-2442.

4. Memorial Service: Each year we remember not only our deceased clergy, but also deceased persons who have served as lay members of our annual conference during the previous year. Please help us by submitting the names of those deceased persons to our conference lay leader, Ken Miller, 190 W. 4th St, Coal City, IL 60416, (815) 634-0449,, and copy to Paul Black,, (217) 529-2824.

5. Special Guests: Special guests at annual conference may be introduced to the assembly if the request is made in writing to the conference secretary,, and biographical information is provided well in advance of the beginning of the conference.

6. Finding Answers: If you have questions about annual conference please refer to the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page on the IGRC website or the yellow information section of the pre-conference materials when they arrive. If you can’t find answers there, please email