2019 Annual Conference Checklist

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Due Date Task How
Feb. 1

IMPORTANT!  If you do not wish to use email and internet links for access to information and the registration process, please phone or email a request for a hard (paper) copy of your materials by Feb. 25.   Please note:

  • Online registration opens on April 1. Registration via paper begins when registration materials arrive in your USPS mailbox in April. 
  • All members will receive paper copy of pre-conference materials via USPS in early April.

To request hard (paper) copy of registration materials and other materials related to Annual Conference 2019:

Phone: 217-529-3267

Email:  dstone@igrc.org

Feb. 1 Now is the best time to make your hotel reservation. May 16 is the final deadline for hotels where blocks of rooms are held at the Conference rate. Note: Members must make their own reservations at the hotel of their choice! For hotel options and contact numbers, visit: www.igrc.org/ac2019hotels
Feb. 15 Deadline for resolutions impacting Standing Rules and/or the conference budget. Note: Any member of an IGRC UMC may submit a resolution for consideration, but resolutions impacting budget and Standing Rules must be submitted first to their respective committees or they cannot be accepted.

For more information on submitting resolutions go to www.igrc.org/ac2019resolutions or page 349-350 of the 2016 Journal-Yearbook.  Send resolutions to: acsecretary@igrc.org

See below for resolutions format

Feb. 15 to 28 Pre-Sale of Larnelle Harris concert tickets Go to: www.ticketmaster.com. Search for Larnelle Harris, Peoria, IL and use promo code OURKIDS
March 1 First day of Larnelle Harris tickets to the general public Go to: www.ticketmaster.com.
March 4 Deadline for resolutions to be printed in the pre-conference materials. Note: resolutions submitted March 5-May 1 are printed at the expense of the person submitting the resolution.  Plan for 1,600 copies.

For more information on submitting resolutions go to www.igrc.org/ac2019resolutions or page 307-309 of the 2018 Journal-Yearbook.  Send resolutions to acsecretary@igrc.org

See below for resolutions format

March 4 Deadline for groups wishing to schedule special meals at annual conference. Information on scheduling special meals and on menu options is available at www.igrc.org/ac2019meals.
March 25 Deadline for requesting display space. Display policies and request forms are available at www.igrc.org/ac2019displays or found on pages 306-307 of the 2018 Journal-Yearbook.
April 1 Online registration for AC open through May 17.

Register online at www.igrc.org/ac2019registration Also purchase parking and meal tickets.

April 1 Deadline for persons submitting biographical information for 2020 General Conference and Jurisdictional Conference elections Submit biographical information by filling out an online form or downloading a .PDF at www.igrc.org/ac2019elections

Register online at www.igrc.org/ac2019registration

April 1

Deadline for requests for videos produced by IGRC Communications.

Watch for pre-conference materials arriving by USPS.

Pre-conference materials can also be viewed online at www.igrc.org/ac2019
April 26 Deadline for submission of AV/tech support items such as Power Point and/or videos produced by third parties. For more information, contact Paul Black at pblack@igrc.org
April 26

Deadline for submission of materials for the supplemental packet.  Such materials are printed at the expense of the person submitting the resolution.  Plan for 1,600 copies.

Deadline for articles for the special pre-annual conference edition of The Current.

For more information on submitting resolutions, go to www.igrc.org/ac2019resolutions or contact the AC secretary. Send resolutions to: acsecretary@igrc.org
April 29

Deadline to submit an ad in the June issue of The Current.

For information on advertising, contact Michele Willson at: mwillson@igrc.org.
May 9

Deadline for child care registration and ordering of t-shirts for childcare participants.  No registrations for child care will be accepted after this date.

For childcare information and registration go to www.igrc.org/ac2019childcare

May 9 Deadline for other annual conference members to order childcare t-shirts. To order childcare t-shirts go to www.igrc.org/ac2019childcare
May 16 Deadline for hotels where blocks of rooms have been set aside.  
May 17

Deadlines for:annual conference registration (registrations after this date are handled at the IGRC registration window in the Terrazzo Lobby of the Civic Center).

Avoid long lines on site by registering online in advance at: www.igrc.org/ac2019registration

NOTE: For meal refunds call 217-529-2395. (No refunds for meals are given after May 20)


Format for Resolutions


Submitted by:

Estimated Financial Impact on the Annual Conference (Note: if any financial impact, it must be submitted by Feb. 15)

Staff Resource and Time:

Source of Funding:

Council on Finance and Administration Comment:




  • Resolutions should be submitted in Microsoft Word
  • Tables should be in an Excel file
  • Font: Century Schoolbook or Arial, 12 point
  • Use single space between words, 2 spaces between sentences.
  • Submit electronically, email or jump drive.
  • If you are unable to submit electronically, allow enough time for resolution to be received by the deadline.