Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

When will Annual Conference be held? Our 2020 Annual Conference session will be held online Saturday, Aug.15, 2020. This is an abbreviated schedule that will include a clergy session and a plenary session. 

Where will Annual Conference be held? Our 2020 Annual Conference session will be held online. A link to the meeting room will be provided to all who register for annual conference. There will also be options to travel to remote locations throughout the conference in order to participate should one not have the technology to log in from home.

Will it be safe to come to Annual Conference? The safety and health of our lay and clergy members is central to our planning of the 2020 Annual Conference. We determined that the crowd limitations would preclude us from being able to gather as a single, in-person gathering. If you feel that you cannot safely participate at one of the remote locations or log in from home via computer, please be in contact with either your local church, for lay local church members, or your District Superintendent, for clergy and lay at-large or equalization members.

When will registration open? Registration will open June 1 on our Conference website

Will clergy appointments still begin July 1, 2020? Appointments are the domain of the Bishop and begin on the date set by the Bishop, regardless of when Annual Conference is held. As is our Illinois Great Rivers Conference custom, July 1 will begin the new appointment year and is the date set for most appointments to begin. When we meet at Annual Conference, the Bishop will still announce and fix the appointments retroactively.

Will clergy retirements still begin July 1, 2020? Retirements will still begin on the agreed date for moving into retirement status. We will still vote to affirm a clergy member’s retirement when we meet at Annual Conference, even if the effective date has already passed. This is the custom for mid-year retirements, and there is no institutional history or memory of an Annual Conference rejecting a request for retirement.

Will my clergy credentials or membership be impacted? Part of the business of Annual Conference is to approve of changes to clergy credentialing and membership. The Clergy Session has the ability to approve many of these changes retroactively. The major exceptions are those clergy seeking provisional membership or full membership, which can only be approved at the time of the vote and subsequent Service of Ordination. If you have questions about your credentials or status, please contact your District Superintendent or the Board of Ordained Ministry.

Will we need to elect interim Conference leadership and committees? Our Book of Discipline and Conference incorporation by-laws provide that all of our leaders and committee members will serve until they are replaced. New leaders and committee members replace our existing leadership and begin their service and the adjournment of the Annual Conference session, whenever it is held.

When will we know the agenda? The agenda is being developed to include only the most necessary and required elements of our Annual Conference Session. This requires the input of our legal, legislative, parliamentary, and supervisory leaders. All of this takes some time, and the agenda will be available in July. If you have matters for the agenda, please make sure to contact Jan Griffith ( to discuss their inclusion.

Can I submit legislation? Because of the fixed calendar dates in our standing rules, we cannot accept new legislative petitions through our regular process. Given the extraordinary circumstances, we can offer the Conference plenary the opportunity to suspend the rules and accept any new petitions at the discretion of the body.

Who can I contact for more information?

Agenda: Jan Griffith,

Media & Communications: Paul Black,

Standing Rules: Camillla Hempstead,

Conference Secretary: Ethan Carnes,

Board of Ordained Ministry: Vince Rohn,

Other Questions: Curtis Brown,