2022 Annual Conference Checklist

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Due Date Task How

IMPORTANT!  If you do not wish to use email and internet links for access to information and the registration process, please phone or email a request for a hard (paper) copy of your materials by April 1.   Please note:

  • Online registration opens mid April

Download and print materials at www.igrc.org/ac2022downloads

To request hard (paper) copy of registration materials and other materials related to Annual Conference 2022:  Phone: 217-529-2395

Email:  lsteinway@igrc.org  by April 1.

Feb. 15 Deadline for resolutions impacting Standing Rules and/or the conference budget. Note: Any member of an IGRC UMC may submit a resolution for consideration, but resolutions impacting budget and Standing Rules must be submitted first to their respective committees or they cannot be accepted.

For more information on submitting resolutions go to: www.igrc.org/ac2022resolutions or contact the AC Secretary.  Send resolutions to acsecretary@igrc.org

See below for resolutions format

March 31 Deadline for displays and worship videos for conference  
April 15 Online registration for AC opens..

Register online at www.igrc.org/ac2022registration 

April 20 Deadline for submission of AV/tech support items such as slides, special audio needs and videos. For more information, contact Paul Black at pblack@igrc.org
April 20

Deadline for submission of materials for the supplemental packet.

Deadline for journal reports and worship bulletins.

April 27

Deadline for articles and ads for the special pre-annual conference edition of The Current.

For information on advertising, contact Michele Willson at: mwillson@igrc.org.

May 9

Deadline for childcare registration and t-shirt orders.

May 27

Deadline for Annual Conference registration

Register online at: www.igrc.org/ac2022registration

June 9-11

Annual Conference at Peoria Civic Center and online



Format for Resolutions


Submitted by:

Estimated Financial Impact on the Annual Conference (Note: if any financial impact, it must be submitted by Feb. 15)

Staff Resource and Time:

Source of Funding:

Council on Finance and Administration Comment:



  • Resolutions should be submitted in Microsoft Word
  • Tables should be in an Excel file
  • Font: Century Schoolbook or Arial, 12 point
  • Use single space between words, 2 spaces between sentences.
  • Submit electronically, email or jump drive.
  • If you are unable to submit electronically, allow enough time for resolution to be received by the deadline.