Accessibility Webinars

Veterans, Disability, and the Church – Presented by Carl and Deb Johnston

Do you ever wonder what constitutes a disabled veteran, or what visible and invisible wounds they carry? How does the church communicate with the veteran - or fail to communicate? Listen in as Pastor (Retired Chaplain Major) Carl Johnston and his wife, Deb, a member of the IGRC Committee on Accessibility Ministries, discuss veterans and what the church can do to help, whether a Viet Nam vet or a recent vet.

Disability Awareness, Training, and Direct Service Grants – Presented by Anthony Stauder

The Committee on Accessibility Ministries has grant funding available for projects that increase awareness of disabilities or provides direct services to people with disabilities or their families. This webinar provides examples of ministries that could be eligible for these grants, which are funded by the Disability Awareness Sunday Grant Fund.

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