Alain Rocourt Endowment Fund

Alain Rocourt Endowment Fund brochure cover

The Alain Rocourt Endowment Fund exists to support Methodist schools in Haiti, training and pay for teachers, funding for children's tuition and feeding students who would otherwise go hungry. 

There are now almost 25,000 children enrolled in Methodists schools in Haiti. Still, more schools and more teachers are needed to reach more children.

"Adding another school is like putting onto your shoulder a new burden and wondering how you are going to carry it," said Rev. Raphael Dessieu, present of I'Eglise Methodiste d'Haiti, during a visit to the Illinois Great Rivers Conference in March 2004. Adding to the opportunity for more Haitian children to attend school is stepping out in faith. It is an intentional effort at increasing not only the level of eduction, but also the amount of hope shared by the Methodists of Haiti, Illinois Great Rivers United Methodists, and others whom God now calls to this vital mission.

We invite you to share in this mission, this hope, this faith, by supporting the Alain Rocourt Endowment Fund. Contributions of any amount are helpful and may be made by mailing your gift to: The Alain Rocourt Endowment, P. O. Box 3487, Springfield, IL  62708-3487. Please indicate on your check that the gift is for IGRC Advance Special #6700.

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