Church Assessments

In lieu of the normal annual church assessments, the Cabinet is inviting churches of the IGRC to participate in an online assessment as the first step in assessing where churches are in its life cycle.

1. Staff/Pastor-Parish Relations Committees are asked to view the following 21-minute video:

2. The SPRC would then have all committee members (and possibly other church leaders) take an online assessment.  Click on the link below and scroll down toward the bottom of the page and utilize the Leadership Assessment.

Take the online assessment by clicking here...

3. Once the committee receives the results, they are ask to email a copy of the PDF report to the District office and to the Office of Congregational Development ( or mailing a printed copy to: P. O. Box 19207, Springfield, IL 62794-9207. Please indicate the name of the church and district in your email.

4. District offices working with Congregational Development will provide equipping events for SPRC’s and church leaders grouped by their life cycle assessment results (where the church is on the life cycle) where they would begin to develop next step actions for moving to a new place on the cycle.