Beth Fender

Beth Fender is the Coordinator of New Streams for the Illinois Great Rivers Conference

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Friendship Matters

Scouting Sunday intersects with a tragic event in the life of a friend, prompting reflection on the importance of small groups in the life of the Christian community.

Flowering Trees

I saw the trees first. As I was driving between Fairfield and Wayne City on Highway 15 yesterday morning, enjoying the early morning sunshine and the flowers in bloom in various front yards, my gaze was captured by two rows of trees covered with white flowers. Even from a distance, it was evident they had been planted on purpose. Then I saw the sign . . .

Advent, Christmas shaped by traditions

People of all ages respond to the rituals of Christmas in ways we don’t fully understand. Ritual has a way of forming us, and involving many people in your church in Advent and Christmas rituals expands the rituals’ potential for impacting people in a new way. For instance, many churches include families or people of different ages in the lighting of the Advent wreath during worship each Sunday.