Terry Harter

Terry Harter is the Superintendent of the Sangamon River District of the Illinois Great Rivers Conference.

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Christian conferencing begins with each one of us

As a United Methodist, what can you do to stand over against the cultural challenges to either one being what Wesley envisioned as a “Christian Conference?” Integrity starts with each one of us.

Life Doesn't Frighten Us At All

Sisters and brothers in Christ: Let us go up at once and occupy the Promised time – we are well able to conquer it. You need not fear the giants – they have lost the protection they had. The Lord is with us. You have nothing to fear from them. Life doesn’t frighten us. In Jesus name and power. Amen.

The non-verbal aspect of preaching

Preaching is embodied in a particular person, and the more effectively we learn how to communicate the message of the gospel, the more lives will be touched and transformed. The content of the sermon is only one aspect of the mystery of preaching. If we spend as much time and care with the delivery of the sermon as we do with the preparation of the content, our preaching will be much more compelling. The non-verbal aspect of preaching can best be summarized by three words: poise, presence, and passion.