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Imagine No Malaria: UMC's 'moon shot'

Defeating this ancient killer can be our “moon shot” and a reverberation of the resurrection. It can be an answer to those who wonder what difference Jesus makes, and if God really does care. That could capture the imagination of a world in need of hope.

Malaria is no more. Say What?

An article in The New York Times, quoting an official of a group that it is "mission accomplished" in the fight of malaria evoked this response from Larry Hollon, General Secretary of United Methodist Communications regarding the larger battle of eradicating malaria from the globe by the year 2015.

Notes from a Doctor

God's Spirit works through all of us and His Word is powerful! When persons are open to being educated about facts and figures and then having the knowledge be transformed into images of children, action results. This is a comprehensive program which enables everyone to move from imagining the dream to seeing the reality!

Notes from an Area Coordinator

Think about it this way: If there was a cure for cancer, everyone would be wanting the world to have the cure because everyone knows someone who's had it or died from it. It's not the same with malaria, but in Africa, it seems likely that everyone has a sibling that not only had malaria, but died from it or continues to suffer from it. We want to save these people and show them that we care about the other children of God, so we're raising awareness and money to buy nets to save these valuable lives. If you just look at a child and imagine them suffering for days due to something that is able to be prevented, it's saddening and disheartening.

I just want to say 'thank you Lord'

We thanked God for the relationship between the people of Liberia and the people of the Illinois Great Rivers Conference.  We thanked God for the connection of the United Methodist Church.  We thanked God for the respect and friendship that was forged in our sweat.  We thanked God for hope. 

We broke the circle and it took us a few minutes to actually leave.  We shared hand shakes.  We shared hugs.  A few small tokens of appreciation were exchanged.  A few last pictures were taken.  There were many smiles, and then we got in the van and drove away.  None of us truly left.

Every Child Means the World to Someone...

LaMoine River District Superintendent Randy Robinson explains why the fight to eradicate malaria is important, because "every child means the world to someone..."

Imagine No Malaria a connection to our Wesleyan Roots

 It is easier for 21st century disciples living their faith through a denomination called the United Methodists to "Imagine No Malaria" than any of us might easily conceptualize. It is easier because we are the United Methodists! We hold the legacy of being mighty change agents.

The Value of a Dollar

For $28 a month, less than a dollar a day, YOU can impact 100 lives.

Impact 100 is the quickest way for individuals and churches to maximize the amount of lives saved through Imagine No Malaria.

I'm Scared

I believe I’m going to have an amazing trip.  I believe I’m going to be transformed in ways I cannot even anticipate.  I believe I will hear stories of hope and redemption that will fill my heart with joy.  I believe I am going to build relationship with people that will last a lifetime.  I believe that when I get back to Chenoa we will pack up all our stuff on time. I believe that the church in Chenoa will go on strong without me.  I believe that the leadership will not lose sight of their mission.  I believe that there are tremendous people, opportunities and resources in Moline that will align well with my talents and passion.  I believe that together we will do great work for Kingdom of God.  I believe these things, and yet I’m scared.

Imagine NO Malaria

An IGRC pastor shares her experience in contracting malaria and living with the effects.