Extend an Invitation to Bishop Beard

When the Bishop visits

Bishop Frank J Beard is the spiritual and temporal leader for the Illinois Area. As such, he is NOT a guest at any church. The Bishop is an extension of the pastoral leadership for the congregation and the Area. Whatever the occasion for the visit, the Bishop is present to strengthen the ministry of the local congregation and to affirm and enhance the connectional ministry and mission of The United Methodist Church.

Invitations for the Bishop to visit your church MUST be put into writing and sent to the Bishop’s office via:

  • Email: cconover@igrc.org
  • U.S Postal Mail: P.O. Box 19207, Springfield, IL 62794-9207

Please be sure to include the following in your letter of request:

  • The nature of the occasion
  • Suggestive choice of dates
  • Any and all pertinent information regarding your request
  • Time of your event (evening events should be concluded no later than 9 p.m.)


The Bishop wants to visit all different sizes of congregations for a variety of types of events. He also wants to circulate among all the districts on a regular basis. In addition, these considerations are taken into account when the Bishop responds to your invitations.

  • The nature of the occasion
  • Whether or not the Bishop has visited your church/community recently
  • If the Bishop’s calendar permits accepting the invitation
  • Once your event is scheduled, do not surprise the Bishop by adding or changing the format without checking with him for approval

Due to the Bishop’s busy schedule he may not be able to accept an invitation on a specific date that is requested. Your flexibility is helpful. If you are tied to a specific date and the Bishop is unable to be present other options include your District Superintendent, the Executive Assistant to the Bishop or a pre-recorded message from the Bishop on DVD.

Confirmation of Bishop Beard's Visit

This form will need to be completed and returned as soon as possible in preparation of Bishop Beards's visit.

Download the form here...

Download Bishop Visit Guidelines here...

Preparing for the Bishop's Visit

Please note the information titled When The Bishop Visits and the Confirmation Form will need to be completed and returned as soon as possible. Also, please provide a complete script in large print of the Worship Service/Program for the Bishop and detailed directions to Bishop Beard’s reserved parking spot.

If you have any questions, please contact Carol Conover, Secretary to Bishop Beard by email, by phone (217) 529-3820.

Thank you for your assistance in preparing for Bishop Beard’s visit.

Biographical information on Bishop Beard can be found here...