Black History Month Resources

February is Black History Month. This page contains a number of resources to help your church celebrate the contributions of African-Americans.

Christ Church Communications

The following videos were produced by Revs. Shane Bishop and Troy Benton in cooperation with Christ Church Communications.


United Methodist Communications

United Methodist Communications has several resources suitable for Black History Month.

Center Honors Black Methodists’ History

Archivists hope churches and families will donate items to the African American Methodist Heritage Center, so the stories of those who built the church will remain alive for future generations.

NEW: Jim Lawson profile

Jim Lawson reflects on life, non-violence and civil rights

Methodist History: Bishop fought slavery

Tindley Temple

Walking with King Series

A series of videos from prominent United Methodists. Visit:

Selma (talk of MLK, anniversary of Selma march is March 9)

Timeline in black and white

Part of history, African-American spirituals still heal