Tuesday morning


Before Tuesday begins, this simple Monday update.

  1. The Traditional plan still has the most votes but several amendments will be needed to make it constitutional.
  2. The One Church Plan will be heard and debated and voted.
  3. The pension petitions will pass easily and early, though some may offer discussion (not amendments) to lessen the time available for other business. Yes, all 'sides' are capable of this and it is legal to do so.
  4. I remain grateful beyond words for a professional parliamentarian, an objective adult in the playground.
  5. The Simple plan was heard, though it received only 12% confidence vote. I supported the hearing in the interest of fairness to all major points of view. It has no chance of passage.
  6. I was disappointed one delegate, speaking passionately for the Simple plan as a lesbian US pastor, made clear that there are LGBT children in Africa also, only they are thrown into the streets to starve. The good news is that this has been the only such nastiness from US delegates. None of the international delegates have spoken in favor of the OCP or Simple plan and only one used language I found objectionable to describe the intentions of gays-lesbians.
  7. Spectators and gallery are solidly against the Traditional plan and cheer or applaud OCP or Simple plan speakers.
  8. Tomorrow, Tuesday, will decide some things but in the big picture will resolve little. 
  9. Pray! Jesus is at the wheel, so pray not that Jesus does the right thing but that we trust our Driver.