14 best apps for dealing with stress, depression and anxiety


By Preeti Seth
SysTweak online blog - July 2017

We’re living in times where it is difficult to take out time to relax and de-stress. We are all in a hurry to finish one or the other task. This makes life rather tedious, resulting in depression and anxiety. In fact, depression is one of the biggest evils of modern society.

There is a new wave of apps available which are capable of helping people with depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. In this article, we explore the best stress- and anxiety-busting apps for your iOS and Android devices.

You’ll find a good mix of relaxation apps, anxiety apps, meditation apps and more:

1. Recolor
A lot of research has shown that coloring can work wonders for you to destress. Recolor is a Free to use app which helps you to sooth and ease your mind.

It’s a coloring book app with sports images, mandalas and animals. You can set your difficulty level. To start off you can choose the beginner’s level and then build your way up. It’s a great way to relax after a hectic day.

2. Simply Being
Simply Being is a concrete app that has voice-guided meditations and mimics various nature sounds, to help you relax. But not much choices are provided to the user in meditation themes or voices. This app is simple to use. Having less options make it easy to use the app.

3. Buddhify
The best way to ease stress and anxiety is to meditate. Buddhify makes you a pro of meditation. The app teaches you meditation and helps you set a routine on the go to increase your wellbeing, both physical and mental.

You get 11 hours of custom meditation routines, which cover 15 parts of a typical day. They cover scenarios such as travelling, being online, going to sleep and taking a work break. There are more than 80 tracks to choose from, including a timer, a check-in system to check your progress.

4. Omvana
Omvana offers a wider range of music for meditation. It has the largest collection of meditations and has the right track for everyone.  Omvana provides you with the right guidance and teaches you how to meditate. You can customize meditation to your daily practice.

5. White Noise
This app uses white noise to mask disturbing sounds during meditation and to stimulate relaxation. You can use White Noise to help with sleep. It comes with 40 pre-recorded white noise sounds. You can use these samples to create your own soothing sounds. The app does not provide any guided meditation.

6. Insight Timer
Insight Timer is a popular choice as it gives multiple options. It features 3,000 free guided meditations and several hundred free music tracks to play while you’re meditating. You can also set timer. It has guided meditations for sleep.

7. Stop, Breathe & Think
Stop, Breathe & Think is something like a meditation Fitbit, it combines a library of guided meditations with the mood tracking feature. It even suggests meditations based on your mood. You can purchase additional guided meditations and get full access.

8. Headspace
Headspace teaches less spiritual, more science-based meditation techniques, beginning with a free introductory course. It makes meditation easier by guiding you through a variety of meditations and gamifying the entire experience. You get the most out of your day with the Headspace app. You get to acquire life-changing skills of meditation and mindfulness. It includes mood tracking features as well, and you can download guided meditations for offline use.

9. Calm
Calm is the app for mindfulness and meditation which brings clarity, joy and peace to your daily life. It combines rich features and a large library of guided meditations with a simple, clean interface. Calm provides a basic course in meditation for free, but more advanced meditations requiring a subscription. It is the perfect meditation app for beginners.

10. Breathe2Relax
Breathe2Relax is a portable stress management app which provided instructions and practice exercises to help users learn the stress management skill and breathing. Breathing exercises helps to decrease the body’s stress. We have forgotten how to breathe, we do not have time even to breathe properly. This app helps us to understand the importance of proper breathing and how to do that.

11. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock
A good sleep is required to reduce your stress level, mostly people nowadays are sleep deprived. Loss of sleep gives birth to many side-effects such as memory loss, fatigue and stress. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock helps to manage your sleep and it comes in handy.
It is an intelligent alarm clock which analyzes your sleep and wakes you in the lightest sleep phase, which is the natural way to wake up feeling rested and relaxed.

12. Pacifica
Pacifica uses cognitive behavioral therapy to help you manage everyday anxiety. The app tracks your daily activities by writing them down or recording yourself. The app allows you to set goals and provided a group of other awesome features to make managing your anxiety easier.

13. Self-Help Anxiety Management
The Self-Help Anxiety Management app helps you develop ways to fight your anxiety. It helps you identify the stressors and helps to fix the problem. The biggest benefit of this app is it’s actionable. You’re guided through every activity and even given resources for more help if necessary.
14. Happify
The main goal behind Happify is to Think positive! It is science-based, interactive and provided activity game for stress and anxiety relief. It helps you to get an idea about what to expect from this stress management app. It offers you a group of positive-thinking activities to improve your mood and learn how to control your happiness. You can set goals and Happify will give you tips to achieve them.