It just may save your life!


It just may save your life!

Like you, I’m suffering with COVID-19 fatigue. I am so ready for this pandemic to be in the rearview mirror. I am praying that the early reports of at least two vaccines are reliable, and that by Easter, we will be nearing the “all clear” phase.

The suspension of our in-person gatherings is caused by the recent spike in COVID-19 cases. While no one wants to suspend worship in our churches, we know that this is necessary and the responsible thing to do. My hope is that we will find new ways to assist people with fresh expressions of worship and community.

It looks like Advent, Christmas Eve and Christmas 2020 will need to be conducted quite differently than we’ve done in the past. I’m sure you all will join me in keeping as safe as possible as we endure this latest setback. Just remember that “love does not demand its own way!”

One way that I am choosing to “change my world” is through a commitment to memorize Scripture in 2021. I’d love to have you join me. Here’s my plan:

1. Start with the 12 verses every Christian should memorize.

I call these “refrigerator verses.” I have them printed on magnets and I paste them on my refrigerator. If you make as many trips as I do to the refrigerator, you’ll have the verse of the week memorized in a short time.

2. Review or memorize for the first time:

A. The Lord’s Prayer

B. Psalm 23

C. The Apostle’s Creed

3. Twelve “new” verses selected from asking other folks, “what is your favorite passage of Scripture?” I’ll share the results with you later.

I had three brothers that proudly served in the military. Each one took delight and honor in serving our country. I was amazed that each one of my brothers could disassemble and reassemble his rifle with a blindfold over his eyes. I remember asking one of them why that was so important? I’ll never forget the answer, “We need to know our weapon because our lives depend upon it!”

Psalm 119 makes a strong case regarding our need to know God’s word. It helps in our growth and spiritual development. We learn more about God. The word of God influences us and helps us in making difficult decisions. The word of God strengthens our faith and helps keep us from sin. God’s word provides light for our life journey.

My brother said it best, “We need to know our weapon because our lives depend upon it!”

God Bless, 
Bishop Frank J. Beard