Random thoughts from a ‘random’ guy


Random thoughts from a ‘random’ guy
My daughters call me “random.”
I fought against that title for a long time, at least until my wife confirmed that they were correct.
So, I am “random.”
Sometimes my thoughts are not ordered or structured with a discernable pattern or intentional predictable combination. Here are a few of my “random” thoughts:

  • Our Christian unity is challenged by issues of racism, party politics, issues of human sexuality, and denominational schism. 
  • The Gospel (good news of Jesus Christ) is needed now, more than ever. 
  • Nearly everyone wants to be blessed.
When the financial books of the IGRC were reconciled and closed it became official that in spite of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we finished the 2020 year with a surplus.  The credit, of course, should go to our laity that gave faithfully and sacrificially.  Thank you all for sharing your blessings.
The IGRC is a wonderful place to serve because the laity and the pastors are committed to engaging in ministries that make a difference. Our unity in Christ, though threatened and challenged, is not shattered by the multitude of divisive issues that we face.
We are not all of “one mind” when it comes to addressing racism, party politics, human sexuality, or denominational schism. We do, however, agree that the role of the church is to offer help, healing and hope in the name of Jesus Christ.  We want our congregations to be places where folks can turn to for relief and assistance during these dark days of challenge.
Our collective giving and sharing of blessings are a testimony that we believe that there is still “good news” offered to everyone by Jesus Christ. We believe that Jesus can and will bring us together as we claim allegiance to him and seek to replace our agendas with his plans and purpose for humanity. The blessings of God are provided to us for much more than our own personal edification and enjoyment. God always blesses us to be a blessing!
The issues of politics, gender, and race will continue to haunt and challenge Christians in the IGRC and around the globe. There are no easy answers to the issues facing us. The issues, however, are not a surprise to the Lord. The advice that, I believe, Jesus would give us is simply:
  • Humility promotes healing
  • Self-denial is preferrable to self-reliance
  • Pray, “Thy will be done, on earth, as it is in heaven.”
Random though it may seem, these three simple things just may be the healing balm we need to produce wellness in our spiritual body. Jesus humbled himself, emptied himself, denied himself and prayed that God’s will would surpass even his own personal desire.
As we prepare to enter into the season of Lent, I will, because I am “random,” do so as I continue clinging to the promise that the darkness will not overcome the advent light of Jesus Christ.
God Bless
Bishop Beard