A preparatory prayer for Lent


About the daily prayers and readings for Lent beginning tomorrow

Each daily entry is prepared to stand on its own.  You may wish to commit yourself as a spiritual practice to read each of the entries for the 40 days of Lent…

Lady, our Sheltie dog, loved chewing on a bone, working it over, and extracting from it all she could. These readings, beginning tomorrow, are for your metaphorical spiritual-chewing. Pray them, turn them over in your mind, seek their direction for your life, write some down for future reference—that is “chew” on them. At the end of Lent all 40 readings will be available electronically (upon request) from the church office.


A preparatory prayer for Lent

Help me, O Spirit God in this time of reading, reflecting, and praying, that I may find new strength and wisdom for my faith journey. Amen

Jim Bortell, retired United Methodist minister