Jan Griffith is a 7!


Seven, not ten, is God’s number for perfection.
Christian perfection is a gift received through the person and work of Jesus Christ. The Bible teaches us that perfection is not achieved on this side of eternity. While we are alive, as Christians, we are challenged to be imitators of God, following the example set for us by Jesus Christ. Jesus’ sacrificial death is a demonstration of the grace of God that changes our position from aliens and foreigners, separated from God, into children of God, brought near to God through faith in Jesus Christ. God alone is flawless, but the work of Jesus Christ, in our lives, makes us “complete.” To be “complete” is to be a 7.
Jan Griffith is a 7!
The ongoing work of the Holy Spirit, established by the Grace of God, imputed, and imparted by Jesus Christ, makes her “complete.”  Jan, by her own admission, is not perfect. There are no living humans, that I am aware of, that are perfect. But, Jan, because of Jesus Christ, and as the result of her willingness to answer God’s call into full-time servant ministry, is a unique gift to the body of Christ and especially to the Illinois Great Rivers Conference. Her work is highly valued, deeply appreciated, and widely recognized as being of superior quality. Jan is a seven because her work, guided by her Christ-like servant’s heart, and her commitment to ministerial excellence (work that is totally yielded and dependent upon the Holy Spirit’s blessing and anointing) reflects completeness.
Here are 7 things I’ve learned from Jan Griffith:

  1. Prayer is essential when working for and with church folks.
Prayer is the anchor that keeps Christians from drifting away from Christ and away from each other.
  1. Sabbath Rest is not just a good idea it is God’s gift that enables us to endure the challenges and the pain of change.
  1. Listening is a gift of respect that we owe each other.
The question is not whether I agree with you but rather, did I show you respect by really listening well enough that you felt that I heard your concerns?
  1. Covenant (ministry) Partners are essential and vital for sustained success.
Jan’s covenant group commitment serves as an example and model for all of us. This group has enabled her to stay in ministry and to maintain focus despite life’s challenges.
  1. Look past the puzzle pieces so that God can show you the big picture.
Attention to detail is important but don’t allow the small details to make you lose focus of the big picture that God is trying to accomplish.
  1.  Personal preparation and our mutual success are dependent upon my willingness to work hard and to trust God to bless us together.
Jan’s integrity and Christian character are only surpassed by her willingness to put in hours of “behind the scenes” work so that together the team will achieve success.
  1. It really is about “putting Jesus first!”
When Jesus is in first place, everything else lines up correctly.
Jan Griffith, the Executive Assistant to the Bishop, has served in this role since 2012 and as a member of the Cabinet since 2006. She has worked with four different Bishops (three as Executive Assistant) and a host of Conference Staff (lay and clergy) as well as with a variety of District Superintendents.
Jan has served as a local church pastor, a District Superintendent, a jurisdictional leader, and as a General Conference delegate and General Conference Committee member. Jan’s work is a gift to me and to all those she has served. In God’s economy she is a 7!
I invite you to express your appreciation and love for Jan by sending a note or card to be presented to her. These cards will be presented to her at our Annual Conference Session on June 8. Cards should be mailed to the IGRC Area Office, P O Box 19207, Springfield, IL. 62794-9207 (Attention Carol Conover).
God Bless
Bishop Beard