MacMurray College Inauguration Ceremony


of Dr. Mark J. Tierno
Bishop Jonathan D. Keaton
Jacksonville, Illinois
September 19, 2015


Lay and Clergy of 850 churches in the Illinois Great Rivers Annual Conference welcome the Tierno Family to the Presidency of MacMurray College in the best way we know how, namely through prayer.  By faith, we trust your leadership and experience.  With hope, we see a bright future.  Through love, we sense your care for others.  Yet, we know in the days ahead, there will be times when tough challenges will not bow to academic excellence, your experience or principled consultation with staff, faculty, administration or concerned donors.  “Be not dismayed.”  God will be there.  God will be available.  Call on him.  God will be ever a “friend,” noted hymnologist Joseph Scriven.   “O what peace we often forfeit, O what needless pain we bear, all because we do not carry everything to God in prayer.” May God ever hold YOU in the palm of his hand!!  Amen and Welcome.    


Mr. President, take this Bible.  Educate and equip this nation and the world “in the cause of justice and peace for all God’s people.”  Amen.