Terra* not Terror


Beverly and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  We “praise God from whom all blessings flow.”
December 25, 2015

Terra* not  Terror
Terror, terror at beck and call, 
Terra, God’s terra takes the fall.
“Nations rage and kingdoms totter.”
Terrorists: death and police blotter.
From news media abject fear takes hold
by flat-lining, terra’s heart of gold.
What terra wants when it’s said and “done,”
is terror’s loss and the kingdom come!
Is peace too much for terra to deliver?
‘course not fighting the hate of a killer.
Peace on Terra, God’s standard bearer,
Foil bombs and bullets and massive terror.
“Naïve” say world hawks and quasi-doves,
“Terror quells terror not God from above.”
Peace on Terra, Oh be our song!!!
“Can’t we all (just) get along?”
Prince of Peace linger here this day
So terror not Terra will stay away.
Long live Terra as an “ought” and a “should”
Consistent with creation, God called it “good.” 
*Terra means earth in light of Psalm 24:1

 Bishop Jonathan D. Keaton