How do we best support each other?


Pastoral Care and Counseling would like to initiate a conversation about how can we can best support ministry spouses and how clergy and their spouses can best help each other. Research reliably demonstrates that talking with others who face similar challenges can make us feel less alone, more supported, and understood without judgment. Only when we feel “safe” will we share our deepest hurts and scariest challenge.”
This Thom Rainer article, Six Ways Ministry Spouses Get Hurt, addresses six common ways ministry spouses get hurt in the church. Pastoral Care and Counseling would like to raise awareness for those who are unaware of the unique challenges ministry spouses encounter. For those of you familiar with these common hurts, I would like to encourage readers to reach out to the ministry spouses you may know, as they are, as Rainer says in the article, “sometimes…among the loneliness people in the church.”
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