Work smart, focus on 'high yield' activities and take Sabbath


Dear Ones in Christ:

I trust that if it is your custom or pattern to have a block of vacation time during the summer that you have observed that custom this year.
I fully recognize that the association of vacation with the summer months is shaped by many factors not the least of which are the school calendar, weather (for those of us who live where there is real winter), the nature of the work you do and many more. The point is not whether you take a summer vacation but that you observe designated periods of down time.
We all need blocks of time to detach from the normal routine in order to be renewed. Howard Thurman said we need a “lull in the rhythm of doing”. I am grateful that I had a meaningful block of time off this summer for vacation. It was a wonderful opportunity to tend to relationships, rest, reading and newness. The other big win of a vacation is to reconfirm the knowledge that I am indispensible.  I put all of this in the category of gift because I am abundantly mindful of the many people in the world whose lives are one grinding day after another simply trying to survive.
Vacations (summer or otherwise) not withstanding the Fall is upon us. As I move in and out of congregations lately, read their publications – print and electronic—it is clear to me that the Fall is still a particularly important ramp up time for ministry. That certainly is the case as I look ahead to my schedule for the Fall.
So as the pace of activity quickens let us together resolve to work smart, to focus on those activities that have the greatest likelihood of “high yield”, and to remember to cease from doing on a regular basis (Sabbath) in order to renew and remember whose work we are really engaged in.
Yours in Christ,
+Gregory Vaughn Palmer