God's Question to Us: Will You Be My Child?


Beloved in Jesus Christ:

In just a few hours we will hear the story of the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ again. It will sound familiar and yet it will be fresh and new.
Each year on Christmas Day the Archbishop of Canterbury delivers a Christmas sermon at Canterbury Cathedral. In his 2009 Christmas day sermon the current Archbishop The reverend Dr. Rowan Williams described God’s initiative in Christ Jesus beautifully:
“God has always been communicating with humanity, in any number of ways;
but what we need from God is more than just information.  The climax of the
story is the sending of a Son: when all has been said and done on the level
of information what still needs to be made clear to us is that the point of it
all is relationship.  God speaks at last through a Son, so that we can grasp
the fact that really knowing God, really responding to his Word of promise
and life, is a matter of relationship.  It's becoming God's child.”
A dear friend reminded me yesterday in thinking about this excerpt that God will ask again the question that can change our lives forever, “Will you be my child?” How will we answer? In Jesus Christ God has said yes, yes, yes and amen to us.
Christmas blessings to you and yours as you ever more fully become God’s children. I am,
Your servant and God’s child through Jesus Christ,
Gregory Vaughn Palmer