Anniversary of Haiti Earthquake: Beyond the Apportionments


Greetings Beloved in Christ Jesus.

I want to share some extraordinary news with you. Our Conference Treasurer, the Rev. Richard Van Giesen shared with me on Monday of this week that 2010 apportionments came in at 92.91 percent. He further reported that this is the highest receipt level since 2000. Congratulations and Thank You.
All of this is due to God’s grace, your generosity and your hard work. Your faithfulness in connectional giving is a great blessing to many and enables so much important ministry to take place locally and globally. In the weeks to come there will be more storytelling about your remarkable faithfulness and generosity.
Apportionments by no means tell the whole story of our financial stewardship let alone the ministry that is enabled. So it is absolutely no accident that I write this on the one year anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti. Today we remember, reflect and reconnect with the ongoing mission of recovery and rebuilding in Haiti. I want to remind you again of your extraordinary generosity. In 2010 you gave $780,396.17 through conference channels for recovery in Haiti. This does not include what you have given through channels that we cannot track to, saying nothing of the work teams and the like that you have sent or have been a part of in Haiti.
Haiti is just one place where you are making a transforming difference. You do it every day in your community, region and the world. I am grateful to be your partner in generosity and life-giving, life-changing ministry. As always I am
Your servant for the sake of the Gospel,
Gregory V. Palmer