IGRC is all over it


Communication has been a bit of a challenge. But it goes with the territory as the saying goes. The challenge by no means thwarts the power of the experience of being in ministry here. So here a few highlights of the last two days.

Our team of ordinands has taken on a painting project. The last two days have focused on a facelift for the Administrative Building here at Ganta that you made possible. Tomorrow, they move on to the school for more painting. In between the relate to children, learn more about the breadth of ministry here at the mission station and dream about how to bring to fulfillment many projects for which churches in the IGRC is a partner.
We have taken in huge segments of the Annual Conference session. So much of it feels familiar. There is a passion and intensity that inspires the heart and stimulates the mind. The ideas are racing. But when all is said and done it is Christian Conferencing with all its pitfalls and brimming with possibility.
Among the gifts that encourages a keep on keeping on spirit in this partnership is to engage with new friends from other conferences at various levels of engagement in building partnerships. We are both learning and teaching.
You have heard the saying "he or she is all over it". As we sat and listened to the reports of the District Superintendents about the work in their respective districts IGRC, or IGRC churches and IGRC pastors and IGRC DS's were mentioned repeatedly and profusely. As I lay down each night all I can say is IGRC is all over it.